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Auction Packs

As part of our extensive service, we can help you with Auction properties. Just complete the details below and click proceed and we will provide you with a fully inclusive comprehensive quotation.


Click here to find out how to order.

Convey Choice provides two Auction Pack options:

Conditional Pack

It will include the following:

  1. Contract 

  2. Title Plan - The Boundary of the Property

  3. Official copy of the register of title

  4. Conveyancing Searches - the Local Authority, Drainage and Environmental Search

  5. Special Conditions of Sales

  6. Protocol Form - TA6 Property Information Form, T10 Fittings & Content and (if lease) T7 Leasehold Information.

Price Start from £269 + VAT

Unconditional Pack

The content pack will be similar to the above but instead of conveyancing search, we will include the 'No Search' Insurance policy for a residential auction property.

No Search Insurance - Negates the requirements to order a search pack, saving valuable time and covering all parties against adverse search-related issues.

Convey Choice has set the premiums at a significantly discounted rate to those of our standard premiums. Our PI is £10 million and the statement of fact can be found on page 6 of the report below.

Price Start from £369 + VAT

How to order Auction Packs

Step 1.

Register for free or login to your Convey Choice account.

Step 2.

Click on 'Other Services' and select Auction Packs.

Step 3.

Complete the form and click proceed. Don't forget to leave feedback!


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