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How much does it cost to join?


Absolutely nothing. There is no fee to join and no obligation to use. Convey Choice a free platform for property professionals to enable you to help your clients with their conveyancing requirements.

How much referral fee do you pay?


Convey Choice pays anything up to £300.00 per instructed case. If it is a sale and purchase for example this is two cases and you will earn £600.00. You choose how much you want to earn. 

Can I change the referral fee?


Yes, you can. Convey Choice will set a default fee for you for every case, however, on every quotation you run you can amend the referral as you feel appropriate. You can reduce it or increase it as you see fit in order to secure the business.

How and when do I get paid?


Upon completion of each matter, you will receive confirmation of completion at which point we will contact you to arrange payment. This is always made within 14 days of completion.

I don’t want Convey Choice to contact my client


Convey Choice offers a service whereby we will give your client an introductory call and help convert the quotation. However, in instances where you would rather we don’t, you can simply tick the button at the end of the quote that requests we do not contact the client. In these instances, we will leave your quotation well alone until instructed otherwise.

How does the client receive the quote?


Once you have obtained your quotation you will be able to select the button that says ‘Email Client’ which will automatically send a copy of your recently created quotation directly to your client.

How do I instruct a solicitor?


You will be able to instruct your chosen firm once you have completed a quotation for your client. The option to then instruct will appear whereby you will be able to choose your selected law firm and send the instruction, along with any other peripheral documentation. You will receive a confirmation when this has been done.

Do I know the contact details for my chosen firm?


Yes, once instructed you will receive the details, including contact details and address.

My chosen law firm is not showing


Law firms are selectable based on their capacity, and their ability to conduct the conveyancing on behalf of a particular lender. If a law firm is not on a lender’s panel, it will not be selectable in the drop-down options and you will need to select another firm. Likewise, if a law firm has reached their allocated case limit for that day/month and is working at capacity again as a control measure they will not be selectable. If you need help with this, please contact one of our BDMs directly and we will do our best to help out.

How do I obtain the contact details for my law firm?


These will be provided to you once an instruction has been sent to the law firm. If you need further information you can contact your BDM and they will be glad to help out with any other information you need.