Convey Choice Embrace New RICS Overhaul in Bid to Transform Home Surveys.

Updated: Jul 2, 2021

Following the new professional statement released by The Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) on the 18th November 2019, Convey Choice, a leading provider of expert conveyancing services are thrilled to see changes to residential home survey reports which will better meet the changing needs of the home buyer market.

This is an evolution that Convey Choice are excited to see come into play to help educate the consumer on their property purchase at a key stage in the process.

Previous consumer research by RICS* has indicated that the public finds the current reporting style dense, unreadable, poor value, confusing, full of caveats and lacking real detail on costs and deliverables for a homebuyer. As a result, RICS has been working for several years to bring clarity to the reporting framework delivered by its members, releasing professional statements and conducting public consultations in a bid to modernise residential home surveys. Convey Choice have welcomed the new standards and are working alongside Propria to focus on the consumer and put in place key products and services that will not only enhance the customers' experience but support and educate them on the full conveyancing journey from purchasing a property to actually completing the sale and moving in.

Graeme Winser, a Chartered Surveyor, Chairman of RICS UK Valuation Board and Director of Strategy at Propria, comments:

"Yesterday was a milestone moment, RICS facilitating an innovative and consumer-focused platform for the broader industry to make things better. To have done this under the auspices of Standards is clever because it provides a lower threshold for what is compliant but releases those that want to go beyond it to be free to do so. Together, Propria and Convey Choice will not only embrace this new ruling but together will be evolving solutions that simplify and support the consumer.

Any change to enhance survey reports that are vital to the consumer process when purchasing a property will assist and drive consumer confidence in the purchasing cycle and enable them to feel secure in their purchase. The property market needs to continue to adapt and make these milestone changes to support the consumer and guide them through what could be the largest investment they will ever make. Offering expert advice and products which meet a defined standard and are easy to understand, with clear guidance is refreshing and will ultimately deliver more credibility to the reports and the value they add.

Renu Kiran, Director of Convey Choice, comments: The new standards announced by RICS not only demonstrate the need for change, but they will enable firms to drive forward a focus on the consumer to educate them with a survey that is meaningful. Convey Choice delivers transparency and embraces this process to deliver clear guidance to consumers, helping to make the home buying process easier for them. Technology drives our solution to connect key parties in the property cycle and so allowing the consumer to feel connected and updated with experts every step of the way.

*As discussed within the presentation announcement given by RICS at their HQ in Westminster on 18th November 2019. RICS consulted directly with the public, across consumer groups and the public consultation generated one of the highest consultations in their history

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